3D Language Group

Current Students

PhD Students

Sonia Raychaudhuri (Fall 2020)
Han-Hung Lee (Fall 2021)
Xiaohao Sun (Fall 2021)
Qirui Wu (Spring 2022)
Austin T. Wang (Fall 2023)
Xiaoliang Huo (Fall 2023, co-advised with Manolis Savva)

Master Students

Yiming Zhang (Spring 2022)
Zeming Gong (Summer 2023)

Undergraduate Students

Denys Iliash (Fall 2023)
Mrinal Goshalia (Fall 2023)

External (non-SFU) Students and Visitors

Ning Wang (PhD at Wuhan University) - Visiting Spring 2023-2024


Yasaman Etesam (Fall 2019)
Ali Gholami (M.Sc. Fall 2019 to Spring 2022, next Zippin), Thesis: Dense Captioning for 3D Environments using Natural Language
Leon Kochiev (M.Sc. Fall 2019 to Summer 2021, next Integrant), Thesis: Neural State Machine for 2D and 3D Visual Question Answering
Yue Ruan (M.Sc. Fall 2019 to Spring 2022, next Amazon), Thesis: TriCoLo: Trimodal Contrastive Loss for Text to Shape Retrieval
Hanxiao (Shawn) Jiang (undergrad, Fall 2019 - 2020, M.Sc. Fall 2020 to Fall 2023, next UIUC PhD), Thesis: OPD: Single-view 3D Openable Part Detection
Qirui Wu (undergrad, Fall 2019 - 2021, next SFU PhD)
Weijie (Lewis) Lin (undergrad, Spring 2020 - 2021, next CMU MS)
Yiming Zhang (undergrad, 2021, next SFU MSc)
Zeming Gong (undergrad, 2022, next SFU MSc)
Tommaso Campari (visiting student, Spring 2022, PhD at University of Padova)
Aditi Jain (visiting student, Summer 2022, Undergraduate at IIT Delhi)